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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will Activate in English Version

Assalammualaykum warah matullahi wabarakatuh...

Owh my god, ya Allah.. since last November I not come with issue. Maybe too busy or lazy. By the way, today I can post something to update my 'simple' blog.

Haha, someone were laughing me because..
"What are are you taking about Yard?"..
"Are you from US recently??".. You talk like America girl.

I just 'blur' on that. So, I am asking my friend.
"Why you said like that?"
My friend were laughing..
Again, I am not understand.

"OK..OK.. Listen Hayati. I am never had read your blog in 'English' word? You were advanced my friend" (she said).
"Owh I see".. Now, I understand she mean what.

I just honest to my friend. I need some changes sis. Before this, I like share something on the blog. But, I create in Bahasa Malaysia. Just for fun and sharing. Never use other language. Because who never understand including myself. Then, I seems like forgot to update my blog in past one year.

Now, I will update it but in different version. It used English language. Even I am not talented to speak and write in English, but I have to. My company  have gave some noticed that all Young SKALIans must have one blog. the blog have to used English version. So that, I must create in English. It is challenging me to do that my dear.


In the positive site, maybe I can improve my 'broken' English. It is not only for my assessment but for my skill improvement. I called as "This is not about direction, but the it is all about challenge"

 For now, I will try the best to create english language for my blog. this is just try. I am still learn to speaking and writing in English. Everyone can do better.

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