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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Salam 1Malaysia. Today I want to update my blog with my English assessment. It very nervous when I talk with audition.  No wonder because I am very slow when I speak English. But I more confidence today because I can speak bravely better than before.

Below, my speech during the Public Speaking class. Thanks to my dear friend Sarina a.k.a Nuri Ungu because gives the script.


As I am figuring out to be as a GPS.  Before that, let me generally explain to all regarding the main function of GPS. In the era of technology and advancement today, this electronic gadget takes an essential part in our daily undertakings. The GPS acts as a tool that guide or assist people to find places.  Because of this intelligence creation, life comes to be easier for people to travel.  However, the technology invention sometime dares to cause problems to the user such as showing incorrect directions and places.
Like a catchy quote from Cynthia Lord;  
“Some people think they know who you are, when really they don't.” 

But here, I would like to bring myself forward as a GPS so that people can recognize me as somebody.  How do GPS and I be the same? I do aware that my life is surrounded by numerous people who frequently refer me for purposes. They tend to come and see me in order to either share their problems or ask for concerns. Due to these matters, I seldom feel that I am not qualified enough to play such character. Probably, they assume that I am a good listener to them whereas they might feel comfortable to.

If the GPS takes on showing the directions to the travelers, I do like to voice out my opinions and express ideas for others. By giving suggestions and sharing several constructive knowledge or experiences that can assist people around me. In spite of helping people as best as I can, I do not miss from giving wrong approaches as well just like the function of GPS that I have mentioned earlier. This is because of imperfect behavior or ability of each human.

In a nut shell, I can summarize that not all constrains and obstacles in life can be curbed by a solution. The GPS is not the only apparatus that must be utilized when people wish to have a journey. Same goes to me. There are better people around who can be referred to beside of me. As what Dr. Shad Helmstetter did mention in his book entitled ‘Choice’

“Choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have.”

created by Nuri Ungu
edited by My_YaRd