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Sunday, August 26, 2012

OJT Task Will Start

Assalammualaykum and a very good day!! Salam Syawal that since to be celebrate for one month. For today we have celebrate Raya in day 8. Maybe we still have more Open House invitation including our family members and friends.

For this week, I am still continue my OJT Task for uploading content. I and 4 members have to finish the MP Nilai portal. This is urgent issue need to be settle on this week. If not, we will got trouble with our payment.

The latest information after meeting today, I and two my members get instruction that we must to Data Center at Cyberjaya to finish up content uploading in there. I hope we can get do the task in the smooth conduction. The server not got the problem. Perhaps.

So, lastly I just hope that we can settle it by this week. Hopefully..

My_YaRd (^_^): better than yesterday

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